Johan Cruijff ArenA

Johan Cruijff ArenA
  • Capacity: 55,500

The official home of Ajax and the Netherlands national team is a relatively new stadium, opening in 1996. It was put to use almost right away as a host for the Champions League final and Europa League finals in the past.

In 2017, it was announced that the Amsterdam Arena would be renamed Johan Cruijff Arena, in memory of one of the biggest Ajax legends of all time, Johan Cruyff.

When they first built the stadium, it was pretty intriguing to see how they could carry over so much tradition from other locations. It has many modern amenities, but it still has that sort of history that so many people can get behind. It is a callous environment no matter who is playing in the stadium, as it feels much more intimate than the 55,500 people who can pack the stadium.

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